Pied noir, Amellah is son of a French settler and a Spanish settler. Born in Algeria. Since 1982 in the Netherlands without a residence permit, so no work, no benefits. Now 'lives' in the Frankemaheerd where there is no water and no electricity.

The hardest? The nightly cold and the hopelessness after 33 years without a permanent residence. What does he need now? A gas burner, milk and a flashlight

Damascus, Syria, Mohammad Khabbaz, Business Administration student. His family has fallen apart; his mother lives in Jordan, his sister in Dubai, his father in Lebanon. At first, Jordan seemed safe until he learned that a friend of his, who was doing the same humanitarian work as he was - supplying food and baby milk to those deprived of the most essential foodstuffs by the violence of war - was being tortured. Not sure of his life, he came to the Netherlands.

What does he need? Volunteer work.