Myra Monroe McDonalds


Marylin Monroe was a beloved actress and sex symbol in the 1950s.
Back then, her name was attached to a person of flesh and blood. Now she has been stripped of any personality and has become a brand in her own right.

Our current society is steeped in brand thinking; Coca Cola, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Mc Donalds. This is a capitalist society where the brand becomes bigger than the product it stands for; the lemonade, the fried chicken leg and the hamburger.

This is not a portrait of Myra. It is not about her. She is a symbol of the seductive, young woman with whom money is made because sex sells.

Killerqueen lyrics - Queen


The Killerqueen holds her right hand as if she could pull out a gun like that. In her left hand she has a knife.
And apparently she has cut someone in half. Because where is the top of the mannequin anyway?


Did she maybe eat it. Some people eat flesh to become 1with the one they are eating and to literally diminish their power.

And maybe that's why she is starting to turn into a barbie doll, at least her left arm is already completely transformed.
Her right leg already has the unnatural sheen of a mannequin.


Queen's lyrics mention Marie Antoinette. That was a queen of France in the "Wig Time" 1755. Her hairstyle refers to that.